Tuesday, 14 July 2009

What's it all about then?

In my profile I said I was an average Christian. So, you may ask, what’s the point of an average Christian writing a blog? I mean most Christians who write blogs are clever, but not me. Many who write Christian blogs display a wisdom and insight I lack. Many are bright, shining beacons compared to my faint glow. I have been a Christian for almost twenty years yet I’m ashamed of most of them. I’ve messed up most of my relationships and responsibilities and done a pretty bad job of looking anything like what the Bible describes a Christian should look like. But I’m still here. I suppose I would have to admit I may be a little bit wiser than I was twenty years ago. But what little progress I may have made has been slow, with many twists and turns. I offer no profound insights here. No great Godly wisdom. If you should find a nugget here you can be sure it won’t have originated with me. So why bother blogging? Isn’t the blogosphere full of enough pointless drivel without me adding to the problem? All true, but then I’m not forcing you to read it now am I? :-)

So what’s it all about then? Well, first I hope to encourage those who, like me, struggle in their Christian walk. Often I’ll write about or share things that have helped and encouraged me. Secondly its an opportunity for me to write about things I’m a little unsure about in hope that others will give me feedback from which I can learn.

I’ll talk a lot about the gospel and about sin because that’s what I’m convinced we need to hear most. So I’d better warn you: some of this could get a bit ugly. That, after all, is the nature of sin. But it is my firm belief that, only by dealing with our ugliness do we get to see and truly savour the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ who calls us to Himself.


  1. Glad to see you're starting a blog, Martin. I was going to email you after your recent comments on TP and ask you why you haven't started blogging yet :-)

    Looking forward to your posts,

  2. Its good to see you blogging Martin.

    I hope you will join the consortium of moderate Calvinists. :-)